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Full Day Kindergarten

At Washington Kid Care we strive to provide you child with the best possible learning environment.

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Full Day Kindergarten: Programs


Language Arts

Our main objective in the language arts area is to develop students who can begin to read, write, speak, and listen with thought and understanding. The children are immersed in language through reading and writing. The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt serious, provide shared literacy experiences, which contribute to a love of reading while enhancing print awareness. Our objectives at Washington Kid Care include: recognition and writing of upper and lower case letters; identification of consonants, vowels, and blend sounds; identification of rhyming words and word families; read, write, and spell basic sight words, understanding that reading and writing process from right to left; using letter and sounds to express ideas in written form; able to recognize and write first and last name.


The emphasis is on an activity centered math program. The children will see relationships and interconnections in mathematics by using manipulative materials. Some of our activities include: sorting; patterning; and classifying; recognizing geometric shapes; graphing; and counting numbers orally up to one hundred and being able to identify and write numbers zero to twenty. We will introduce the concept of money, time; and a basic beginning of addition and subtraction.


Science is taught as inquiry, discovery, and exploration of the child’s immediate environment. Our curriculum is divided into three main topics: Earth, Life, and Physical Science. Our classroom and environment are all used as recourses for science

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum integrates all skills in the development of self awareness. Higher-level thinking skills are developed as we look for likeness and differences. We use various holidays’ celebrations as a way to foster growth and understanding within our very diverse world. We discuss our local community and its workers. We will work with maps and find objects on them. We will also have a start to understanding our History.


These are areas of special interest that will be incorporated into of Full day program and will be taught by special teachers. They are as followed: Physical Education (twice per week), Music, Art, and American Sign Language (ASL).

Please make sure that your child wears sneakers for during the Physical Education Class.

Computers/ Library

The Kindergartners will have a chance to go to the computer lab. We will be learning basic computer vocabulary and commands.

The children will also have access to our Library and will be able to check out books on a weekly basis.

Child Directed Discovery Centers

Children may choose their free play activities each day, with no more than four children at a center at a time. Children will be encouraged to remain in their center for the entire twenty to thirty minute time period. Some of the centers will include: Blocks, Puzzles/ Games, Drama area, Library, Computers, Science, Math, Art, and Creative Play

Teacher Directed Learning Centers

Children will be able to participate in these centers for twenty to thirty minutes a day. This will be a small group instructional time in which the children complete activities relating to our themes or curriculum areas. They will work on following directions and listening skills in the following area: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Computer

Standards have been determined by the State of NJ and are considered when planning curriculum and lessons. The kindergarten year includes many activities that help to build a strong foundation for learning.

Full Day Kindergarten: Information Pack
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